Published: 10.05.2017

The Buildings Performance Institute Europe (BPIE) released an interesting factsheet recommending national renovation strategies to alleviate energy poverty, a critical modern issue that affects at least 50 million Europeans.

Energy poverty is a pressing issue for the people whose well-being is challenged by low household income, high energy costs and energy inefficient homes.

According to BPIE, deep renovation is a clear a solution that would increase the warmth of homes, lower energy bills, and improve the quality of life of the energy poor.

Additionally, energy poverty is particularly prominent in rural and decentralised areas.

By switching to less polluting fuels and by introducing the right energy efficiency measures, up to 100 Mt CO2 can be saved by 2030, as stated in our recent report. By putting the rural populations’ needs on the European Union’s agenda, the EU can accomplish the long-term goals to fight climate change and enable the transition to a more sustainable energy system.