Rural areas support
55% of all employment in EU27

Country data


Heating oil consumption is high, accounting for 35% of final energy consumption, the second most consumed fuel after natural gas. [DG Energy]


The majority (74%) of homes are old, built before 1980. Those without district heating are commonly heated with oil or biomass. [StatBank Denmark]


The rural building stock is old and inefficient, with 69% of oil-heated properties built before 1975. [Insee]


The building stock is old, mainly built before 1978 (73%), and rural homes have a far higher energy demand for heating. [Destatis]


One of the highest proportions (41%) of the population living in rural areas in the EU, with most heating fuelled by oil, at 36%. [SEAI]


87% of rural air quality station reported PM2.5 emissions above guidelines in 2017, correlating with estimated cost of €11.5b. [European Environment Agency and DEFRA]


Nearly 10% of the population in ‘thinly populated’ areas are unable to keep their home adequately warm. [EPOV]


The majority (64%) of Sweden’s building stock is old, built before 1971, and requires energy efficiency renovations. [SCB (Statistics Sweden) and iBRoad]


Gas consumption is very high due to the natural resources, with 86% of final energy consumption for rural heating provided by gas. [DG Energy]


10% of UK homes are unable to afford their energy bills and 16% of England’s off-grid homes are in fuel poverty. [BEIS, SHCS and Welsh Government]

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