Published: 13.09.2016

Strasbourg, 13 September 2016: Today’s adoption of the Heating And Cooling report prepared by Polish Member of the European Parliament Adam Gierek, puts rural energy issues firmly on the EU map. Rural energy users can take comfort that their particular needs have been recognised. Within the body of the report, the specific needs of rural consumers LPG, the cleanest conventional energy choice available for consumers living beyond the natural gas grid was given a special mention.

“We were pleased to see that rural energy was recognised as an issue within this important report. There is always of course more to be done, but we might have seen the end of the beginning in our quest to ensure that rural energy consumers are not overlooked in the EU energy debate. We look forward to similar recognition within the Energy Efficiency and the Energy Performance of Buildings Directives,” said Andrew Ford of SHV Energy, Founder of the FREE initiative.

As the report notes, 72% of the heating and cooling demand of single family houses is consumed in rural and intermediate areas. Because of this, the deployment of effective heating and cooling solutions in remote and rural regions is a low hanging fruit to rapidly decarbonise this sector.