Published: 12.07.2016

On Tuesday, 12 July 2016, the European Parliament’s Energy (ITRE) Committee approved a report on the EU’s Heating and Cooling Strategy. The report, prepared by a Social-Democrat MEP from Poland, Adam Gierek FREE initiative welcomes the report and the recognition of the unique needs of rural areas with regards to energy.  With 72% of the heating and cooling demand of single family houses consumed in rural and intermediate areas, the deployment of effective heating and cooling solutions has significant potential to greater a  higher value added in remote and rural regions.

We especially welcome recognition of cleaner and efficient technologies which have the highest potential in rural areas such as LPG and Micro-CHP.

Compared to the European average the typical building in rural areas is older, larger, less insulated, not connected to the natural gas grid, and supplied with power via less reliable electrical networks.

In addition, inefficient stoves burning highly polluting fuels are a significant source of indoor air pollution. By specifying sustainable renewable and LPG technology, local authorities play a significant role in improving the energy performance of buildings in off-grid rural areas.

The Report also outlines solutions particularly adapted to rural and remote communities like LPG and micro-CHP.

With the report now adopted in the ITRE committee it will progress to the plenary session in September. The report will feed into the upcoming revision of the Energy Efficiency Directive planed for September 2016.