Myth : Nobody wants to live in rural areas

Rural depopulation is largely a thing of the past. In France, for example, the number of people living in rural areas grew three times more than the urban equivalent. Almost one third of Danes and over 80% of the Dutch dream of living in the country

Solar PV

In a society which has ever increasing demands for electricity, locally produced, carbon free electricity must have a role to play. Nowhere is this more true than in outlying rural areas where the strain on the grid is often evidenced in frequent power cuts. The latest PV panels only need daylight to work and, in many countries, electricity fed back into the grid is well rewarded by the transmission company. For homes and businesses that choose PV solar systems a total electric solution is usually not possible.  The amount of electricity required to heat and/or cook with can be very substantial and pulling in conventional electricity from the grid could undo all the carbon – and cost – benefits that Solar PV provides.  Many rural properties have decided to let LPG take the strain of cooking and heating and let Solar PV do the rest.

European PhotoVoltaic Industry Association (EPIA):