Myth : Rural areas have a low carbon footprint

Rural communities often have higher carbon footprints than their urban counterparts as well as significant quality of air issues. This is due to a number of factors: the need to drive longer distances, a lack of energy choice leading to the use of polluting fuels (coal, heating oil, wood), and the agricultural output of greenhouse gases



Commission published four basic Council regulations for the Common Agriculture Policy

The Commission has today published proposals for Four basic Council regulations for the Common Agriculture Policy – i) on Direct Payments, ii) the Single Common Market Organisation (CMO), iii) Rural Development and, iv) a Horizontal Regulation for financing, managing and monitoring the CAP. In addition, there are 3 smaller regulations to address transition arrangements to the new rules. The package also contains: An Explanatory Memorandum; Citizens Summary; and Annexes linked with different aspects of the Impact Assessment. [source: European Commission]

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