Myth : Nobody wants to live in rural areas

Rural depopulation is largely a thing of the past. In France, for example, the number of people living in rural areas grew three times more than the urban equivalent. Almost one third of Danes and over 80% of the Dutch dream of living in the country

Solar Thermal

Solar panels used to provide hot water have long been a feature on the rooftops of southern European homes and businesses. Today solar technology has advanced dramatically and they can now be seen from Sweden to Sardinia. However, we cannot rely on the sun to shine and in properties with a 24 hour energy requirement, the nights can get very cold! Where natural gas is not available all the environmental benefits of a solar thermal energy system can easily be outweighed if fossil fuel generated electricity is relied upon to supplement it during the dark days and nights. The natural partner technology for solar thermal in rural energy is LPG. An LPG condensing boiler can harness all the benefits of solar heated water whilst providing a constant source of lower carbon generated heat whenever it is needed – 24 hours a day.

European Solar Thermal Industry Federation: